Wedding Anniversary Cakes Ideas: Symbolizing And Simply Wonderful

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wedding anniversary cakes

Wedding day is perhaps the most important and memorable day in one’s life. So are wedding anniversaries. They bring all positive and interesting recollections from the wedding day, from each moment spent in that very happy and fairylike day! Particularly this is the reason that the celebration of wedding anniversaries has become so awaited and accepted by married couples. They love to gather with family members and close relatives to recollect the entire magnificent event called marriage with all its details. Possibly the most significant component of such a party or gathering is the wedding anniversary cake! Nowadays there are plenty of wedding anniversary cakes ideas, which allow one to choose the most appropriate suitable for the couple’s preferences, tastes as well as the number of years the couple has been in marriage.

For instance, the fifth anniversary is called Wooden, the tenth anniversary is called Tin, the fifteenth anniversary is called Crystal, the twentieth anniversary is called China, the twenty-fifth anniversary is called Silver, the thirtieth anniversary is called Pearl, the fortieth anniversary is called Ruby, the fiftieth anniversary is called Gold and the sixtieth anniversary is called Diamond. Anyway, the most widely celebrated anniversaries are Wooden, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Wedding anniversary cakes ideas offer for the celebration of Wooden wedding exactly wooden designs. With brown and green colors as well as images of wood and leaves, one can create the prettiest cake for celebrating the fifth anniversary of his marriage!
Meanwhile Silver wedding allows quite various and picturesque design solutions! With sparkling stars and silver ribbons on white cakes, you will surely get splendid look! Depending on your guests’ quantity, you can choose either one-storied or multi-storied cakes. Shapes can also be different, yet square shape is perhaps the most widely chosen one.
If the Silver wedding implies silver color as the basis for the cake decoration, Gold wedding cakes look the most attractive in golden colors. Golden flowers, ribbons or little hearts can decorate the cake adding a touch of elegance and wisdom a fifty-year marriage brings to a couple. Just adding some warm-hearted words on the cake you will the most wonderful gift for your parents!
Wedding anniversary cakes ideas are perhaps the most wonderful especially for Diamond weddings! Even though they have a visual similarity with Silver wedding cakes, they always have a special sparkle of warmth and history in them. Nowadays not only the silver color is used to decorate these cakes, but also purple is quite appreciated! This certainly adds special charm to the cake!Wedding anniversary cakes ideas

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