Wedding Cakes Pictures are Reflections of Wedding Receiptions

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Wedding cakes 2015 pictures

Wedding cakes pictures are so helpful when considering the design of a wedding cake. Just browsing through the internet one can find so many wonderful patterns of wedding cakes that you are just to choose the best one. After stopping your choice on the one that suits best your wedding theme and decorations, your turn comes to photograph it. You may have not imagined, but there are certain poses that can make the cake appear in its whole grace. Your wedding photographer will certainly know it and make use of it, but isn’t it interesting for you either? If yes, there we go! We shall supply you with the basic aspects for taking marvelous photos of your wedding cake.

  • Light
    The light is perhaps the most important aspect to take into account. You need a good light and an ability to work right with it. To add more light to the wedding cake, we need to position several lights around it. Attractive lights reduce the need to make a beautiful background for the cake, as the lights set the cake in the central place. Shooting the cake from the angle will make use of the attractive ceiling lights. Anyway, if there is not enough light for taking marvelous photos, you will have to use the flash of the camera, while if the pictures are taken at daylight, photos will have a certain yellowish-orange color. It is quite nice, but if it doesn’t suit the wedding theme and cake, you can set the color temperature accordingly in your photo-camera.
  • Cake table
    Pictures of wedding cakes are especially marvelous when the cake table is a proper one. There should be no plastic cups or plates and napkins around the cake. All that can be present is nice serving utensils, which do not distract the focus from the cake. Most of all, photographers place two champagne glasses near the cake or generally leave it alone to draw the whole attention only to the cake.
  • Interesting angles
    Professional photographers take wedding cakes pictures from different angles, as they tend to see things from their perspectives. A skillful photographer can take marvelous photos from the most unexpected angles as well as close up shots, which are taken from the cakes above or aside. These photos show the whole grace of a wedding cake in details.

Wedding Cakes Pictures
Wedding Cakes Pictures photo

wedding cakes pictures are reflections of wedding receiptions Video

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5 Photos of the Wedding Cakes Pictures are Reflections of Wedding Receiptions

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