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Wedding color schemes 2015

One of the most serious task for a bride is choosing wedding color schemes. It is not easy to pick a color that would be not only pleasant for everyone, but would fit the style of your celebration. The main thing – to find the color pallete that will be great for you, while choosing the correct combination of colors and shades.

1. Mint and pink

Mint and pink colors are ideal for wedding, scheduled for late spring or early summer. It is very feminine and nice mix of colors. If your celebration is organized in a rustic style, so mint combined with pink are the perfect choice. This will be just the perfect way to underline the style of the holiday.

2. Navy blue

Navy blue for several seasons does not go out of wedding fashion, while remaining to be one of the most popular shades when choosing wedding palette. It is not in vain! Wedding in a saturated dark blue looks regal luxury, refined, moreover, navy goes well with other colors.

3. The grayish-green and navy blue

The grayish-green is the color that just fits perfectly with navy blue and is especially suitable for spring or summer wedding. Grayish-green a bit dilutes and brings freshness to the rich navy blue palette.
4. Purple and celadon

The combination of celadon and purple looks very unusual and very brave. These two wonderful colors are rarely found among the standard wedding color schemes, but skillfully selected shades of purple and celadon are the perfect solution for a summer celebration.

5. The pale blue and coral

most popular wedding colors

most popular wedding colors

If you prefer to be “trending”, then the combination of pale blue and coral is just for you. This is the most popular wedding shade this year! And this combination looks great. It is also ideal for a beach wedding!

6. Grey in combination with a gunpowder blue

It would seem that the gray color is a little gloomy, especially for a summer wedding, but if you prefer to decorate your celebration in muted pastel shades, so gray and blue with a touch of gunpowder colors are exactly what will help you achieve the desired effect.

7. Purple and yellow

Lilac and purple are often used colors in the decoration of the celebration. If you prefer to bring the freshness and brightness for the standard colors, you obviously can not go wrong by adding yellow color. With these wedding color schemes your event will become really beautiful and original. This is a skillful combination of classic and noble purple with iridescent bold yellow.

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