Wedding Flower Trends 2015: Beautuful Bride Bouquets

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Each year the trends of wedding flowers are changing in sizes, combination, colors, palette. There are 7 hottest wedding flower trends 2015.

  • Mix of colors.
    Wedding bouquet can be made from completely different colors. It is necessary not to go too far from the palette of shades for the composition to look harmoniously.
  • Mini-bouquet
    Small bouquets will be fashionable. It looks like corsages, they look the same as floral compositions that hold guests in their hands, but the larger ones. The great advantage of such flowers – they are easy to carry and not very heavy.
  • Natural colors
    Natural flower arrangements are also among the wedding flower trends in 2015! Wild flowers, which grow in the field, garden, forest are relevant this year. The chaotic combination – a little bit messy, sticking out, like it has just been collected, .
  • One color bouquets
    Their advantage is the simplicity, they emphasize the soft and feminine image of the bride, and its look is very classy and sophisticated.
  • Bouquet with symbols
    Everybody heard that flowers may symbolize some quality or feel. For example, a peony – flower of sincerity, a white rose is a symbol of purity. The fashion season make bouquets thinking about the symbolism. You may also choose flowers accordance with the color symbolism: red is the color of passion, pink – love.
  • Bouquet-tradition
    Family traditions are important for many brides. No wonder that some of them believe in signs. For example, be sure to have with you at the wedding something old and new, and something blue. You can simply combine all of these elements in a wedding bouquet. Its components may be antiques, family heirloom – a brooch, a piece of lace from a grandmother, mother pearl necklace.
  • Greens
    2015 year please greens, which may become a great component of the bridal bouquet. Green leaves, especially large ones, gathered in bunches bouquet, give more informal look.

Before choosing flowers, it is recommended to think about wedding flower trends 2015, as well as personal preferences and the season of the year in which the wedding will take place.

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