Wedding hair updos – the personification of elegance and style

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Wedding hairstyles for hair updos

Wedding hair updos is the personification of elegance and style, so every bride when choosing her hairstyle is mostly thinking about these styling options. However not every bride may afford such an image. This is due to the fact that such an option is specified for facial features of girls.

Features of updos hairstyles.

  • They can be safely considered universal, as are suitable for any type of person, body shape and height. Unless too high girls should discard from it.
  • Updos styling can be carried out at the hair length at least 15 cm. Longer hair give much more opportunities to create something original. With short hair for creating a high hairdos, you have to ramp up artificial hair.
  • Its magnificent look more largely shows the beauty than many other stylings, it looks spectacular, even compared with seductively luxurious flowing curls.

Do not use images of wedding updos hair, if you are the owner of the elongated oval face, as you make the face thinner and the whole silhouette will become longer. Especially this disharmony is manifested with tight fitting long dress. For girls with not very long neck this option is not recommended, because of the fact that the neck visually will seem shorter. A tall girl should not use it for the reason that can bring disharmony in proportion.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair updos

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair updos

The bun is a versatile option for a wedding. It will make the bride in a few centimeters higher, so this feature has to be considered when choosing bridal shoes, as well as if the groom has short stature. With the bun options there are derivatives stylings with a lush bouffant, bow built out of the hair, of course, the classics of the genre – babette.

Wedding hairstyles updos with flowers

Wedding hair updos with flowers

These wedding hairstyles have already proved themselves and received recognition from many brides. And there are plenty of options of such hairstyles, such as tails, decorated with braids, overlaid strands, ribbons, feathers, completely smooth tails, tails with volume or wavy. These options are particularly suitable for a bride with fragile constitution and she will look great with almost any type of dress.

Sometimes it happens that a bride prefers for a wedding really gentle and unusual hairstyle. In this case, she can choose wedding hair updos with natural and artificial flowers, braids. She is also suitable with unusual variant of wedding hairstyles with a bow made from hair, which can be decorated with pearls, beads or ribbon. This image will make a splash and its owner can be sure that will look really original. A bow hairstyle is recommended with a cropped dress from lightweight material with ruffles.

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Wedding hairstyles updos with flowersWedding hairstyles for medium hair updosWedding hairstyles for hair updos

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