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New Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Formalizing a wedding invitation can become a real challenge for many couples and their parents. Not only the design of an invitation is important, what is there written in it is perhaps the most essential contributing part of any invitation. There are some factors, which can influence the wording of an invitation. Perhaps what is the most important to consider is the level of formality you choose for it. If you have determined get married in a formal atmosphere with traditional or conservative wedding theme chosen, your invitation wording must coincide. Meanwhile, if you have chosen a lighter and more friendly theme for your wedding ceremony, you should look through funny or unique wedding invitation wording samples. The latter can contain all the necessary information any invitation must include, but presented in a lighter language. With a comic tone, you can make your guest smile when reading his invitation, while a formal invitation implies quite many things a guest should know about the wedding. How strange it may seem, but from the invitation wording guests learn what theme has been chosen for the celebration and accordingly in what style of cloths they should present themselves. So when composing the wording for invitations try to coordinate the wording with your wedding theme.
Anyway, when looking through wedding invitation wording samples, we notice that regardless of the formality level, all invitation wordings have similar points. These points are particularly what information they must convey. So a wedding invitation must include:

    • hosts’ names (for instance the names of the parents)
    • the bride’s first name and surname
    • the bridegroom’s first name, surname and title
    • the place the ceremony will take place
    • the wedding reception location
    • the date of the wedding
    • the address a guest can apply
    • the reply date
    • whether children are also invited

Ususally the bride’s parents make and send invitations, yet there may be cases, when the hosts of the wedding are others, accordingly the invitations must be sent from their names. Nowadays, couples prefer to organize the whole wedding on their own, so they form the invitations.Wedding shower invitation wording
Anyway, here are a couple of wedding invitation wording samples of both formal and friendly styles:

Formal style:
Mr. and Mrs. (surname of the bride’s parents)
ask you to honor them with your presence
at the marriage of their daughter (the bride’s name)
to (the bridegroom’s name) on (the date of the wedding)
at (the hour of the wedding)
in(the place of the ceremony) and afterward at the reception (the place of the reception)

Friendly style:
We, (the bride’s names) with our parents (the parents’ names)
would be delighted to have you join us as we formally swearto be together forever at (the date and hour of the wedding) in (the place of the ceremony).
Great music and good food to followat (the place of the reception)

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