Wedding Reception Trends 2015 for the Unique Celebration

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One of the main wedding reception trends 2015 is a rustic style which helps to create a cozy, almost homely atmosphere at the celebration. A country style involves wooden tables and chairs, candles and natural materials in the decor.

Styles such as eco and boho again occupy leading positions. Lots of attention in the design of the wedding should be given to the nature, using simple details in the decor and natural materials.

Among the trends of this year also are the following:

  • A “flower” wall;
  • The using of trees and vintage furniture;
  • A luxuriously decorated ceiling with fresh flowers and tissue;
  • Animal motifs in the decor (animal figurines, feathers, horns and fur);
  • A floral pathway instead of traditional tissue;
  • “Not flower” compositions on the tables (fruits, vegetables, moss, fur, feathers).

Wedding flowers trends

Among the wedding reception trends 2015 florists advise to choose and use garden and wild flowers for creation luxurious and delicate bouquets and flower compositions. At the peak of popularity are disheveled bouquets, air and gentle. Along with fresh flowers, you may use natural materials: chestnuts, pine cones and acorns, cotton, berries.

Wedding accessories trends

In 2015 wedding accessories may be executed in a watercolor style, and for color palette is better to choose pastel shades: pink, ivory and others. A special attention among the accessories have to be given to fonts – calligraphy is back in vogue.

Wedding refreshments trends

In 2015 there will be three completely different directions for the wedding banquet: it is a buffet with tasting of dishes, or a luxurious feast in the style of Michelin or dinner with homemade dishes based on local ingredients. As for the wedding cake, then classic tiered cake with icing and without is popular again. The traditional sweet table is changed into cheese tables, composed of different kinds of cheese, fruit and nuts.

Wedding reception trends 2015 are interesting enough and diverse because each couple will find something suitable for the organization of their unique wedding celebration.

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