Winter Wedding Decorations Bring About Wonderful and Dreamlike Celebration.

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Winter wedding decorations can be beautiful, elegant and lovely, yet they mustn’t be predictable. There are so many ways to make the winter theme of a wedding look marvelous and unique for a couple, who determined to celebrate their union when snow flies. We have decided to help in distinguishing what elements to choose to make one’s winter wedding unforgettable.




  • Winter themes
    Choosing the right winter wedding theme will let you coordinate all decorations, stationary, colors, attire and all other aspects to make your wedding memorable and gorgeous. Perhaps what comes to one’s mind first is White Wedding theme. This simple yet marvelous theme requires white bridesmaids’ dresses, a small entirely white bridal bouquet, an all white cake and all other necessary details fulfilled in white. This will look incredibly nice with coordination with winter landscape. Light blue and silver coordination looks elegant and marvelous in an Ice Blue theme, when everything is embodied with crystal accents, blue and silver colors. Another romantic and elegant wedding theme is Winter Wonderland. This decorations include all white everything starting with Nature! Using flying gentle snowfalls and sparkling bright white flakes will certainly characterize your wedding winter theme.
    Amazing White Winter Wedding Decoration Photo
  • Winter centerpieces
    This wedding decoration ideas are directed to creating stunning centerpieces. To apply a more traditional and formal centerpieces, you can decorate the tables for guests with winter flowers and silver candles, while accentuating the whole theme with bright red roses will certainly make it look even more prominent. Nuts and candies filled sleighs will look so romantic and whimsical! You can also think about decorating your wedding hall with faux or real ice sculptures, floating snowflake candle, ice “gardens” or “forests”, decorated gingerbread houses, baskets filled with different winter items including faux fir branches, gold and silver spray painted foam balls etc.Winter Wedding Decorations Ideas Photo
  • Winter cake
    A perfect addition to winter wedding reception decoration ideas will be a fantastic winter theme cake. This must reflect the whole wedding theme and decorations as well, besides fulfilling the marrying couple’s hopes and expectations. Square cakes with edible crystals and snowflakes will make out an elegant and sophisticated design, which is quite popular nowadays. Such a cake can also obtain satin accent ribbons, which will nicely coordinate with the totally white cake.
    Silver dragees, filigree patterns, metallic monograms and many other silver details will give a cool glitter to the wedding cake perfectly coordinating with all colors.
    Anyway, if you like colorful wedding cakes or other styled ones but your theme is winter, you can apply a flair. It will be perhaps the best among all winter wedding decorations.Winter Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

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